One-Red, LLC, is a company formed by Koninklijke Philips N.V. ("Philips”), LG Electronics, Inc. ("LGE”), Pioneer Corporation ("Pioneer”) and Sony Corporation ("Sony”). As of July 1, 2012, One-Red offers joint patent licenses on behalf of LGE, Philips, Pioneer and Sony for DVD products. As of October 15, 2012, One-Red offers joint patent licenses for DVD software products. One-Red also administers joint patent license programs for One-Blue, LLC for Blu-ray Disc and Player products.  One-Red also administers individual license programs for DVD products for Philips.

One-Red’s patent license programs are designed to help provide inventors with a return on their investment in research and product development and to give licensees access to technologies necessary for products that they manufacture and sell.  One-Red seeks to promote a level playing field for its licensees through market education measures, compliance management, and intellectual property enforcement activities which encourage trade in properly licensed products.

One-Red offers per-batch licensing under some of its license programs, allowing licensees to provide their customers with proof that each product in a shipment is licensed.  The per-batch license system enables each party in the supply chain to verify that products are licensed thus making it more difficult for unlicensed products to enter into the trade. 

Created in 2011 and based in Sunnyvale, California, One-Red operates offices in 8 jurisdictions. We have extensive expertise in managing patent licensing programs and have a staff of highly experienced intellectual property licensing professionals.