One-Blue Blu-ray Disc programs

If your company imports or purchases CD-R/RW, DVD, BD, or other optical media products from a third-party manufacturer. One-Red strongly advises you to check if your supplier sells licensed products. We offer this warning because in many countries, companies that import or purchase unlicensed products could be liable for patent infringement. Please check the status of your supplier by using the Licensee Database below.
Blu-ray Programs

One-Red, LLC offers and manages the licensing program for the Blu-ray Discâ„¢ (BD) format* outside the United States, Canada and Japan on behalf of One-Blue, LLC. The license for BD hardware and software products covers BD, DVD and CD essential patents and for BD disc products covers BD essential patents. Companies engaged in the manufacture, sale and offering for sale of Blu-ray products that require essential patents covered by One-Blue license programs will need a BD license to be in compliance with applicable local laws. If your company is engaged in the Blu-ray market outside of the United States, Canada and Japan please contact One-Red. For more information about the Blu-ray Programs Click below. 

One-Blue Blu-ray Programs