The One-Red Joint DVD Software Manufacturer License Agreement covers the essential patents of Philips, Sony, Pioneer and LG for the use in DVD software.  The technology covered by the DVD software patents includes optical disc drive products that are capable of playing back DVD Discs and/or those capable of performing DVD Recording Functions.  All patents deemed essential for DVD Playback Software, DVD Combination Software and DVD Recorder Software are included in the DVD Software licensing program.

A worldwide list of the essential patents, together with applicable expiration dates is available under the "Patent Lists" tab above.

For the detailed terms and conditions of the One-Red DVD software manufacturer License Agreement, see the "License Agreement" tab above.

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One-Red offers the DVD Software agreements covering the following DVD essential patents (click below). Please note that these lists are subject to change without notice. Patent lists will be reviewed and updated from time to time and may not be exhaustive.

DVD Playback Software Patent List

DVD Recorder Software Patent List

DVD Combination Software Patent List