One-Red’s Registration Agreements mandate that each shipment be accompanied by a valid Licensed Status Confirmation Document ("LSCD”). The LSCD allows licensees to prove to customers, customs officials and other stakeholders that the products have been licensed by One-Red. For more detailed information about LSCDs please click here.

If you are a buyer of DVD products and want to ensure that you are buying licensed products, please visit our licensee page to verify that your supplier is a registered manufacturer or licensee and request an LSCD with each order. One-Red also enables brand owners to enter into an agreement to ensure they trade in licensed products. For more details on Brand Owner Registration Agreements, please contact One-Red.

What does an LSCD Look like?

LSCD Highlights

Here are a few highlights of the One-Red LSCDs
  • The One-Red word mark Logo should be visible at the top right hand corner
  • Product type and Product brand are visibly displayed to identify the products covered by each LSCD
  • The recipient Name and Country are specified clearly.
  • One-Red Registration Logo at the bottom of the page along with a QR Code are also present for additional security

LSCDs with Philips Logo

For information regarding LSCDs bearing the Philips Logo, please click  here.