One-Red has established an open process for evaluation of patents that are related to DVD programs offered by One-Red.

Owners of patents that believe they are essential to a standard licensed under the patent license programs described above, and want to participate in One-Red’s patent pool, are invited to submit their patent(s) to the patent evaluation firms which will be selected by One-Red.   If patents are found to be essential, they may be invited to join One-Red’s license program as a licensor. There is no time limit for submission of essential patents. Licensors who contribute eligible patents will, after having been admitted to One-Red’s patent pool and subject to the terms and conditions of One-Red’s license program, receive a fair share of the royalties collected under the applicable program.

In some jurisdictions, patent evaluations need to be done on a mandatory basis. These mandatory jurisdictions are the USA, the European Union, and Japan. For other countries submission of a claim chart to One-Red is sufficient in case that the owner of the patent has an essentiality statement of a corresponding patent in one of the mandatory countries.

Those who believe they have patents that are essential to the implementation of one of the DVD and CD standards licensed under the programs offered by One-Red can submit these patents to selected patent evaluation firms.

Selection of patent evaluation firms

One-Red is in the process of making arrangements with patent firms in Europe, USA, and Japan and we will update this web page as soon as arrangements are in place.  Interested parties are advised to contact One-Red for further information.